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495PLUS offers 3 plans, each at only $4.95 per month. A 10% discount is offered on each additional plan you enroll in after the first. These plans can also be combined with our other Optional Plans offered through Coast to Coast.
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495Plus Core Plan Features

Easy to enroll and only $4.95 per month. Add 495PLUS to any of our plans.

495Plus Core Plan Includes:

  • Rehabilitation Benefit
  • Occupational Training Benefit
  • In Hospital Confinement
  • Bereavement Benefit
  • Special Education Benefits
  • All Hazard Coverage
  • Repatriation Benefit
  • Family Transportation Benefit
  • Spousal Occupational Training Benefit
  • Home Alteration and Vehicle Modification
  • In-Hospital Confinement Monthly income
  • Accident & Living Benefits
  • Guaranteed Acceptance (Ages 0-90)
  • No Medical Exam or Tests
  • No Agents will visit

495Plus Core Plan Provides:

  • Will, and Powers of Attorney Kits
  • Airline Compassionate travel Form
  • CPP statement forms

495Plus Identity Theft Benefits Features

*Monitored comprehensive benefit can be added for as little as $4.45 per month.
Identity theft affects thousands of Canadians Nationwide. While some scams are quite obvious, others are not that easy to spot. We have partnered with Protection Power to bring you an all-encompassing identity theft protection plan that monitors your IDs and offers you insurance should something go wrong.

Monitored Identity Theft Protection Provides:

  • Up to $25,000 in identity theft restoration and recovery services ?

    Proactive identity monitoring from SpotMyID helps keep your identity from being compromised!

    • Continuous scanning of millions of black market websites and online forums where identities are bought and sold
    • Monitor your credit cards, debit cards, bank accounts and Social Insurance Number
    • Uses intelligence and technology employed by some of the largest financial institutions and corporations in North America
  • Expert Canadian Member Support ?

    Our Canadian member support team will help you make the most of your Protection Power membership as well as provide knowledge and expertise to help you manage your financial, credit and identity health!

  • Proactive identity monitoring by SpotmyID™ ?

    Identity theft protection insurance offers peace of mind should the unexpected happen:

    • Up to $25,000 in identity theft restoration and recovery services
    • Coverage includes lost wages, expense reimbursement, computer damage and more!
  • Educational Courses ?

    Exclusively for members, Protection Power's in-depth e-courses cover a wide range of topics, arming you with the tools and information you need to stay on top of your financial, credit and identity health!

  • Identity Theft Restoration Support ?

    Expert member support is available to guide members through the confusing days after being victimized by an identity thief.

  • Latest News, Updates, Tips & Tools ?

    Keep on top of your financial, credit and identity health with news updates, FAQ pages, e-courses and other resources exclusively for members.

  • Lost Wallet Assistance ?

    Lose your wallet? We'll help you contact all the agencies and institutions you need to - quickly.

  • Coverage includes lost wages, expense reimbursement, computer damage and more!

495Plus Emergency Health Data Card

Benefits of the Emergency Health Data Card (EHDC) This life saving data card can be carried in your wallet or purse and can be accessed by doctors, care facilities, hospitals, emergency personnel Worldwide.
  • Emergency contact & contact information.
  • Your Doctor's name and address, including their emergency contact numbers.
  • EHDC can Store Necessary and vital information
  • Can stores dental records with x-ray
  • Can store Medications for pharmacist or health facility to view and protect you.
  • Medication list, outlining their use's in order to prevent over medication etc.
  • Can store X-Ray's for preventative measures.
  • Improved emergency room visits: Having instant access to a patient's health information will reduce the chance of misdiagnosis and possible unforeseen complications in the ER
  • Reduced wait times: EHDC will help patients take advantage of cancelled appointments and create shorter wait times
  • Downloadable to any hospital or care facility Worldwide
  • Support for patients with chronic conditions: For Canadians living with chronic illnesses, Emergency Health Data Card can make monitoring and reporting day-to-day risk factors much easier for patients and physicians
  • Fewer duplicate tests: Access to previous test results and medical tests will mean avoiding unnecessary tests
  • Better diagnosis: EHDC can help Canadians receive better diagnoses because they will paint a more comprehensive picture of a patient's health history.
  • Support for patients in remote areas: EHDC could enable a patient to see a local physician who could then transfer test results to a facility in an urban centre
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