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Frequently asked questions about 495PLUS

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What is 495Plus?

495PLUS is a unique benefits plan that combines tax free accident and living benefits into one package.
495PLUS can easily be added to any existing plan you have with us or any combination of new plans of your choice.

Can my Family have 495Plus?

Yes, all Canadian residents can qualify for these benefits.

Can I buy this for my spouse?


Do I have to be a Canadian Resident?

Yes, you have to be a Canadian Resident.

How do I start applying for benefits?

Please begin by filling out the application online here.

What is an enhancement?

Enhancements are benefits that can be added to 495Plus and/or 495PLUS can be added to any of our available/eligible benefits.

Can I have more than 1 Enhancement?

Yes. You save 10% on all eligible Enhancements.

Questions for Policy Holders

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I don't understand the Canada Pension Plan Contributions Form.

This Government statement of earnings form will provide you with all the contributions you made to your Canada Pension Plan. The statement of earnings form also lets you know what your family may be eligible for in regards to death benefits, spousal survivor benefits and orphan benefits.

I made a mistake filling out the Powers of Attorney/I need a new one.

We can mail you a new one or you can print a new Powers of Attorney when logged in to your user account.

I lost my policy booklet.

We can mail you a new booklet or you can print one when logged in to your user account.

Can I get information for someone in my family.

Yes, we can email & mail information.